Escape Room Install: Spaceship III

Aug/13 By

Mark and Matt are almost done installing the space ship game at Red Door Escape Rooms, so this week we are going over some of the final details that go

Escape Room Install: Spaceship II

Jul/30 By

Progress on the Space Ship game continues! This week’s video focuses primarily on how some of the projects and techniques you have already seen are coming together.

Escape Room Install: Spaceship I

Jul/24 By

After several weeks of installing at Red Door, we are finally getting around to seeing some of the space ship game come together.

Escape Room Install: Cave

Jul/16 By

One more video from the Temple escape game: Mark goes over how he turned the last room of the game into a cave.

Escape Room Install: The Temple

Jul/9 By

In the second part of the big install at Red Door Escape Rooms Mark goes over some of the little details that go into finishing the space to add “realism”

Escape Room Install: The Jungle

Jul/2 By

In the first video from an extensive install process at Red Door Escape Rooms, the guys go over how to turn a square interior ‘office building’ room into a immersive