GratSets Q&A: Episode 2

May/17 By

The thrilling conclusion, where we get to all the other questions you asked, and answer them in exhausting detail. Thank you again to everyone who provided questions, thank you for

GratSets Q&A: Revisited

May/17 By

Mark addresses a question that was only partially answered in the previous Q&A videos.

GratSets Q&A: Episode 1

May/11 By

You asked it, and we’re answering – a bit more thoroughly than we really intended. Thank you to everyone who provided questions, and stay tuned if we didn’t get to

Q and A with Gratuitous Sets?

Apr/15 By

Anyone want to ask off-topic questions? Ask away!

A Brief Story From Mark on a TV Set

Mar/7 By

We’re back with a brief update today from – as we had a little time to sit in front of the camera after installing a TV set. Rabbit Hole Recreation

Design Ideas From History

Nov/26 By

Mark took a vacation to Germany recently, and decided to take you on the road with him as he explored some museums in Berlin to find some interesting ideas for

A Word

Oct/22 By

Mark takes a moment form his hectic re-charge schedule to address the troops.

Shop Tour!

Sep/17 By

You’ve been asking for it, so here it is, a tour of the GS shop with Mark.

Escape Room: Welcome to Steampunk

Aug/27 By

Matt and Mark have started a new game, and this one is steampunk themed. This is just a short introduction to some of the principals that GS will be using

Something Went Wrong

Aug/15 By

Something weird happened to one of your questions. Mark makes an emergency trip to make things right.