Holiday Window Sets

Dec/19 By

One of GS’ regular client jobs is creating the sets for the Ralph Lauren, and in this video you get to see a little of what goes in to building

Meet the Ambigulator

Sep/10 By

As part of the steampunk escape game, The guys are going to re-visit a piece they built in the early days of Gratuitous Sets. So this week, you get to

National Video Game Museum: “Respect” Rubix Mural

Aug/30 By

Just sharing a cool event where our friends at the National Video Game Museum create the new “Respect” exhibit honoring the memory of Keith “Mr. Intellivision” Robinson. Featuring 660 Rubik’s

Atomic Age Menu Board

Mar/5 By

This Week Mark and Matt are making a Atomic-Age themed menu board for Nerdvana Restaurant in Frisco, TX. Correction!! Nerdvana is proudly owned by Kristy Pitchford!

D Magazine Cover

Sep/9 By

With the help of Laubhan-Oliver, we created 10 two-foot-tall, three-dimensional letters for the cover of D Magazine’s annual “Best of the Big D” issue. The full article can be seen

Hyper Sleep Pod

Dec/25 By

Hyper sleep pod. Spaceship interior, pod, and three robots in three days.