Escape Room: Stone Totem Casting

Feb/24 By

This week Mark and Matt are doing another project involving resin casting, but this time they show how to use some Quarry Tone filler to make the resulting idol sculptures

Shop Tip: Scrap Mold

Feb/20 By

Have you ever heard the term ‘scrap mold’? Well, this week Mark is going to run us through the concept of a scrap mold, and how it might be useful

How To: Build Set Walls

Feb/16 By

The project this week: Matt runs us through the process of making a reusable set wall – you know, the ‘sets’ part of ‘Gratuitous Sets.’

Escape Room: Building the Pyramid

Feb/10 By

Continuing with the Red Door Escape Room project, Matt builds the physical structure of a prop step pyramid which will serve as a puzzle mechanism. This is the first of

Escape Room: Crystal Key

Feb/3 By

This week: Mark has to make a crystal key for the escape room set, and so he shows how to make a 2-part cast out of Smooth-Cast 325, which will