Escape Room: Sci-Fi Puzzle Mech

Apr/20 By

Matt builds a sci-fi puzzle mechanism inspired by the best moments in science fiction. You begin to understand how the alien technology works! Design for Red Door Escape Rooms.

How To: Corpsify a Medical Skeleton

Apr/9 By

Mark turns a medical skeleton into a thoroughly dessicated dead guy. Hyper realistic? Check. Slightly squishy? Check. A medium-rare mummy.

Escape Room: Pyramid Finished!

Apr/8 By

A crisis is averted! Mark shows us how to use corn starch, carrageenan and “pounce bags” to finish the pyramid. Client is Red Door Escape Room…

Escape Room: Welcome to Space!

Apr/7 By

Introducing next project for Red Door Escape rooms: a space ship scenario, which you will see coming together in videos in the coming weeks.

Sniper Case: Maloculus Model 1898

Sniper Case: Maloculus Model 1898

Apr/5 By

Once upon a time, Mark and Matt built a steampunk sniper rifle – the Maloculus 1898 – and this week they are re-visiting that project by updating some of the

North Texas Prop Party: Star Wars Makers

Apr/1 By

One more video from the North Texas Prop party, where Matt talked to several makers who specialize in Star Wars replicas, including some of the most complicated lightsabers you have