Escape Room: Spaceship Command Console

May/27 By

Mark and Matt build command consoles for the space ship escape room, which will work as interactive controllers for the game as a whole, and contain layered tasks and puzzles.

Escape Room: Switch Puzzle

May/25 By

This week Matt and Preston dive fairly in-depth into the complications of making a fairly simple electronic puzzle out of off-the-shelf components with unknown specifications.

Escape Room: Teleporter Light Gun

May/14 By

This week Matt, Mark (and Preston) are working on a practical light effect for the Space Ship Escape Room, digging into the electronics of an existing light effect box and

Escape Room: Spaceship Reactor Puzzle

May/7 By

One of the puzzles in the spaceship escape room game has to do with the reactor, which Mark and Matt show us this week.

Escape Room: Engineer Box Puzzle

May/2 By