National Video Game Museum: “Respect” Rubix Mural

Aug/30 By

Just sharing a cool event where our friends at the National Video Game Museum create the new “Respect” exhibit honoring the memory of Keith “Mr. Intellivision” Robinson. Featuring 660 Rubik’s

Escape Room: Steampunk Game Machine

Aug/29 By

Matt and Mark are starting out building their game for Alternate Reality Escape Rooms by building a piece that was provided to them – a treadle sewing machine table –

Escape Room: Welcome to Steampunk

Aug/27 By

Matt and Mark have started a new game, and this one is steampunk themed. This is just a short introduction to some of the principals that GS will be using

Something Went Wrong

Aug/15 By

Something weird happened to one of your questions. Mark makes an emergency trip to make things right.

How To: Arches and Curved Surfaces

Aug/13 By

Matt explains techniques for making arches and curved surfaces. Kerfcore and bend board.

Escape Room Install: Spaceship III

Aug/13 By

Mark and Matt are almost done installing the space ship game at Red Door Escape Rooms, so this week we are going over some of the final details that go