Free Plans!! Pteranodon!

Apr/25 By

After repairing the studio mascot, Matt and Mark get carried away and created a less “Gratuitous” pteranodon for you to download. File links are pinned in the “Comment” section. Please

Escape Room: Triple Threat – Houdini

Apr/20 By

A densely packed puzzle unit for Fifth Wall Escape Rooms in Detroit.

How To: Cast with a Cut Mold

Apr/18 By

Some of the game pieces for the “triple threat” cabinet are small but intricately detailed, and so today Mark goes through a slightly different molding process with a single “cut”

Q and A with Gratuitous Sets?

Apr/15 By

Anyone want to ask off-topic questions? Ask away!

How To: 270 Degree Hinges

Apr/15 By

So if you get the impression that every project in the shop is straightforward and easy, you should go back to some of the early videos when we talked about

How To: Injection Molds

Apr/6 By

  Sometimes during a build you have a very specific piece that you need to figure out – and sometimes that leads to an-depth explanation of how you can create

Escape Room: The “Triple Threat” begins! Art Deco

Apr/4 By

The Gratuitous Sets team is on a new build for a “Houdini” themed escape game which will live at Fifth Wall Escape Rooms in Detroit. This video will focus on