Introducing Gratuitous Sets

Nov/25 By

Gratuitous Sets is a creative fabrication shop in Dallas, TX. Watch Mark and Matt explain all the random things they build in weekly videos.

GratSets Q&A: Episode 2

May/17 By

The thrilling conclusion, where we get to all the other questions you asked, and answer them in exhausting detail. Thank you again to everyone who provided questions, thank you for

GratSets Q&A: Revisited

May/17 By

Mark addresses a question that was only partially answered in the previous Q&A videos.

Escape Room: Spirometer Puzzle

May/15 By

In this video, the team builds a spirometer puzzle which takes the measure of a player’s breath and unlocks the next part of the game when the correct strength and

GratSets Q&A: Episode 1

May/11 By

You asked it, and we’re answering – a bit more thoroughly than we really intended. Thank you to everyone who provided questions, and stay tuned if we didn’t get to

Free Plans!! Pteranodon!

Apr/25 By

After repairing the studio mascot, Matt and Mark get carried away and created a less “Gratuitous” pteranodon for you to download. File links are pinned in the “Comment” section. Please

Escape Room: Triple Threat – Houdini

Apr/20 By

A densely packed puzzle unit for Fifth Wall Escape Rooms in Detroit.

How To: Cast with a Cut Mold

Apr/18 By

Some of the game pieces for the “triple threat” cabinet are small but intricately detailed, and so today Mark goes through a slightly different molding process with a single “cut”

Q and A with Gratuitous Sets?

Apr/15 By

Anyone want to ask off-topic questions? Ask away!

How To: 270 Degree Hinges

Apr/15 By

So if you get the impression that every project in the shop is straightforward and easy, you should go back to some of the early videos when we talked about

How To: Injection Molds

Apr/6 By

  Sometimes during a build you have a very specific piece that you need to figure out – and sometimes that leads to an-depth explanation of how you can create