Escape Room: The “Triple Threat” begins! Art Deco

Apr/4 By

The Gratuitous Sets team is on a new build for a “Houdini” themed escape game which will live at Fifth Wall Escape Rooms in Detroit. This video will focus on

A Brief Story From Mark on a TV Set

Mar/7 By

We’re back with a brief update today from – as we had a little time to sit in front of the camera after installing a TV set. Rabbit Hole Recreation

Mark Makes a Shark Fin

Feb/9 By

Mark runs us through a build that centers on sculpting EVA foam into shark fins.

Holiday Window Sets

Dec/19 By

One of GS’ regular client jobs is creating the sets for the Ralph Lauren, and in this video you get to see a little of what goes in to building

Design Ideas From History

Nov/26 By

Mark took a vacation to Germany recently, and decided to take you on the road with him as he explored some museums in Berlin to find some interesting ideas for

Escape Room: Prototyping Game Electronics

Nov/16 By

As GratSets works on increasingly sophisticated electronics for controlling escape game puzzles, the pile of failed prototypes grows. Matt recorded a brief update to show everyone some tips and methods

Escape Room: Steampunk “Pressure” Puzzle

Nov/4 By

We showed you the start of the build on the “pressure” puzzle, and you caught a glimpse of the finished piece in the last video. This video covers the rest

Escape Room: Steampunk ‘Octagon’

Oct/27 By

We introduced you to the Fossiform Ambigulator, now Matt and Mark are building a similar console to be the centerpiece of the Steampunk Escape Game for Alternate Reality Escape Rooms.

A Word

Oct/22 By

Mark takes a moment form his hectic re-charge schedule to address the troops.

Escape Room: Steampunk Souvenir Table

Oct/8 By

Using many of the techniques you may have seen in previous videos Matt and Mark show you basically beginning to end of the process to build a replica antique table